By Daniel Schecthel. Translation and editing: Daniel Schechtel. Alex was staring at the ceiling. He felt a void in his stomach. Metaphors. He felt nothing inside.Only air. There was nothing else. There could be nothing else. Can’t we name everything we have? Metaphors, Alex. Use Metaphors. His legs had no weight to him. Neither did … Sigue leyendo Words

Praise to the First Humanist of All Times

By Mariano Martínez.Translation: Jerónimo Corregido.Revision and editing: Santiago Astrobbi Echavarri and Daniel Schechtel. Devil by Juan Agustín Grenno, 2015                                                                                           “Without free thinking, freedom of expression is useless” [«Sin libertad de pensamiento, la libertad de expresión no sirve para nada».]                                                                                       José Luis Sampedro    From all the fictional characters that inhabited my childhood, few seem … Sigue leyendo Praise to the First Humanist of All Times